Imagine the power of an Out of Home advertising medium that people hold right in the PALM OF THEIR HANDS, EACH WEEK for up to FOUR MINUTES.

SeeMedia is the Australian patent holder of FillBoard which is installed in over 40000 petrol/convenience world –wide locations in Europe, Asia and the USA. Advertisers can display multiple advertising messages  to a 52 second viewing time captive audience while the message is held in front of their eyes  over 3-4 minutes (See research) while filling their vehicles. Apart from the must see aspects of FillBoard their physical  environment is also uniquely  distraction and disruption free, so advertisers can fully engage our audience with a powerful tactical call to action or change of habit message.

Our challenge is simply to try and fill your car at a FillBoard site without seeing the message.




Everyone who fills up at a petrol station installed with FillBoard™ views your advertisement. In-store product sales can be tracked


In our cluttered advertising world, FillBoard™ avoids the usual POS clutter and distractions of day to day life

Broad Reach

Installed in over 750 petrol stations nationwide directly impacting over half a million people daily

high engagement

with the fuel nozzle each time they visit the pump.

About our advertising panels

Our current inventory of 750 premier fuel and convenience sites offers advertisers 15000 separate advertising panels.

Our National coverage has a range of fuel brand companies with over 700 modern fuel and convenience sites.

Our sites are located over all of Australia and as such advertisers can select their preferences based on Regional, Metro, suburb or even street number.

With our specifically developed Google Proximity Tool Seemedia can select precise sites on your metrics.

All we need is the post codes or area names of the locations you wish to cover.

In the case of matching our fuel and convenience sites to an advertisers retail locations, all we require is a simple Excel with your site names eg Hungry Jacks St Kilda, suburb or town, street address and or post code.

The all we require is your preferred distance metric, for example

1. All Fuel sites with 2kms from my retail location

2. Only the two closest fuel FillBoard sites within 5 kms from my retail location/locations

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